Bairns' Hoose – children and young people: participation and engagement plan - easy read

Easy read version of a plan which sets out our approach to participation and engagement, and the actions we will take to make sure that Bairns’ Hoose services best reflect the views of children and young people with lived experience of trauma.

4. Next Steps

We will take a number of actions forward. This includes putting this plan into action.

Bairns' Hoose Standards

Link workers told us that children and young people find images a more interesting way of getting information. Posters and postcards have been created and these will be made available with the written material about the Standards.

Bairns' Hoose Pathfinders

Partner organisations that will be setting up a Scottish Bairns' Hoose in a local area will be called Pathfinders.

We will make a set of rules for Pathfinders and how children and young people will be involved.

Children and young people, through link workers, will be involved in looking at applications from Pathfinders. Healthcare Improvement Scotland will work with partner agencies to make sure children and young people are supported and informed to give their views.

Important information will be given in a way and format that is right for them.

Work on Bairns' Hoose. How it is managed.

The National Bairns' Hoose Governance Group (NBHGG) will give advice and help with the work that is done to set up Bairns' Hoose. They will do this with the rights of the child in mind. They will work to deliver justice, care and recovery.

The NBHGG gives specialist knowledge to make sure we get the best national Bairns' Hoose model for Scotland.

One of the main jobs of the NBHGG is to make sure the voices of children, young people and their families are heard. Their experiences will be used to help build national Bairns' Hoose model.

The NBHGG has sent update videos to children and young people involved in the work to make sure communication is 2-way.

Further Actions

Through both the link workers and the Changemakers project, we will also:

  • Work with children and young people to develop a children's charter. This will outline how they will be involved in setting the Standards to develop the Bairns' Hoose system.
  • Get children and young people's views on the name Bairns' Hoose.
  • Involve children and young people to develop the new Scottish Government Bairns' Hoose website.
  • Hold an event to celebrate how much all the children and young people and their families have done to help.

We could not have developed the Bairns' Hoose in Scotland without the help and involvement of children and young people. They have helped us to understand their experiences and how we can make services better.

We will review this plan with input from children and young people. We will continue this through all development.



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