Avian Influenza Prevention Zone: declaration of revocation - July 2023

Declaration of revocation of Scotland-wide avian influenza prevention zone (AIPZ).

The Avian Influenza And Influenza Of Avian Origin In Mammals (Scotland) Order 2006

The Scottish Ministers declared the whole of Scotland to be an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone by declaration made on 17 October 2022 under article 6(1) of the Avian Influenza and Influenza of Avian Origin in Mammals (Scotland) Order 2006 (S.S.I. 2006/336) (“the Order”). The Scottish Ministers amended that declaration by declaration made on 9 January 2023.

The Scottish Ministers have carried out a further risk assessment under article 6(1) of the Order and no longer consider an avian influenza prevention zone necessary to reduce the risk of the transmission of avian influenza to poultry or other captive birds in Scotland from wild birds or from any other source.

The Scottish Ministers declare that the declaration of an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone made on 17 October 2022 and the declaration of amendment made on 9 January 2023 are revoked.

This declaration takes effect from 12:00 pm on Tuesday 4 July 2023.

This declaration is made under articles 6(1)(a) and 4(1)(b) of the Order.


At  13:02 on 1 July 2023

A member of staff of the Scottish Ministers

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