Attitudes Towards Youth Crime and Willingness to Intervene: Findings from the 2006 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey

This report presents findings from a module of questions included in the 2006 Scottish Social Attitudes survey and revisits a theme first addressed by survey in 2004, namely public attitudes towards young people and youth crime.


First and foremost, the authors of the report would like to thank all the respondents who gave up their time to take part in the survey.

The Scottish Social Attitudes survey is very much a collaborative venture. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our colleagues in NatCen's operations and computing departments, to Ann Mair at the Social Statistics Laboratory at Strathclyde University, and to our team of interviewers and supervisors for conducting the interviews with such dedication and professionalism.

We would also like to thank Sam Coope and Fiona Dill of Scottish Government Social Research for their advice at the questionnaire design stage and during report writing.

Responsibility for the opinions expressed in this report, and for all interpretation of the data, lies solely with the authors.

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