Attainment Scotland Fund evaluation - Headteacher Survey 2021: technical report

The Attainment Scotland Fund Evaluation: Headteacher Survey 2021 Technical Report provides details of the survey methodology and response, analysis and reporting, including a list of the survey questions, and the tabular results for the Headteacher Survey 2021.


1 The Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification provides a consistent way of defining urban and rural areas across Scotland. For more details see link.

2 ‘Lower’, ‘middle’ and ‘higher’ ranges of PEF allocation are based, respectively, on the lower 25% of schools, middle 50% of schools, and upper 25% of schools in terms of PEF allocation in 2018/19.

3 Survey weighting is used to re-balance survey responses to bring them more in line with the known profile of the wider population. In this instance, and consistent with previous surveys, weights were calculated to ensure response data was more consistent with the profile of all schools in receipt of ASF support, in terms of their distribution across ASF streams and urban/rural geography.

4 Hypothesis testing is used to assess whether the difference between two survey results (such as between the current and previous survey, or between two respondent groups) is significant. Using a 5% significance level, where a difference between two results is identified as significant, this means that we can be 95% confident that the difference exists in the wider population (i.e. all schools in receipt of ASF support).



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