Attainment Scotland Fund evaluation - Headteacher Survey: 2021 report

This report presents key findings from the sixth survey of headteachers of schools in receipt of Attainment Scotland Fund (ASF) support, covering the 2020 to 2021 academic year including the period of school building closures from January to March 2021.

3. Use of data and evaluation

3.1. This section summarises survey findings on schools’ use of data and evaluation in relation to ASF-supported approaches to closing the poverty-related attainment gap.

3.2. A large majority of survey respondents felt that they are ‘very good’ or ‘good’ in using data and evidence to inform development of their approach; 87% indicated this. This is similar to the 2020 survey.

3.3. Headteachers were also positive about their skills in measuring the impact of their approaches; 81% were positive about their ability to identify appropriate measures, and 79% were positive about their use of evidence to measure impact. Again, these results are similar to the 2020 survey, although they remain below the 2019 survey.

3.4. More than three quarters (79%) felt that they are ‘very good’ or ‘good’ at measuring the progress and impact of ASF-supported approaches, similar to the 2020 survey. It is also notable that PEF-only schools, those with lower PEF allocations and those in rural areas were less positive than others on this indicator.

Figure 15: Rating of school’s approach to use of data and evaluation

3.5. The majority of schools felt that ASF support has helped to develop staff skills and knowledge in using data and evaluation; 61% indicated that ASF had helped to develop these skills to a ‘great’ or ‘moderate’ extent. Survey findings show significant variation across key respondent groups; those with lower PEF allocations, those in rural areas, and PEF-only schools were less positive on this measure.

Figure 16: To what extent ASF support helped to develop staff skills and knowledge in using data and evaluation



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