Disability benefits evaluation - case transfer: qualitative research - annex A

Qualitative research supporting the findings from the evaluation of the case transfer process in the context of the devolution of disability benefits.

Appendix two: Logic model


  • Scottish Government funding
  • Scottish Government staff time (policy and programme teams)
  • Social Security Scotland staff time
  • DWP staff time
  • Data sharing and other process agreements between Scottish Government and DWP
  • Case transfer technical systems
  • Communications with individuals – letters explaining the transfer process

Policy commitments

  • Correct payment made at the correct time
  • No re-applications
  • No face-to-face DWP reassessments
  • Complete as soon as possible while maintaining “safe and secure”
  • Clear communications with individuals
  • Reviews are right first time, where required
  • Reviews, where required, are undertaken in line with relevant policy commitments*



  • Individuals understand what is happening and when
  • Individuals feel throughout that the transfer is safe and secure (i.e. the right amount is paid on time)
  • Individuals know who to contact for help and support
  • Individuals understand what they need to do (when appropriate) or are reassured that they don’t need to do anything
  • Individuals do not feel undue stress/ anxiety about the transfer and review elements of the process
  • Experience of the process is in line with dignity, fairness, and respect
  • Individuals have a positive experience of the review process


  • Individuals develop a positive relationship with Social Security Scotland
  • Individuals understand what happens next
  • Individuals experience reduced stress and/or anxiety about the prospect of future reviews or assessments
  • Individuals feel that decision-making is fair and transparent
  • Individuals feel treated with dignity, fairness and respect by Social Security Scotland


  • Individuals trust in Social Security Scotland
  • There are open and effective communications between Individuals and Social Security Scotland
  • Public services treat people with dignity and respect
  • There is reduced stigma around illness and disability
  • Individuals understand their responsibilities and feel more comfortable about reporting a change in circumstances
  • The right decision is made first time by Social Security Scotland


Email: socialresearch@gov.scot

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