Animal Health Act 1981: expenditure and prosecutions – 2021

This statutory return is collated and laid before the Scottish Parliament in accordance with Section 80 of the Animal Health Act 1981. The report covers expenditure incurred and prosecutions taken under the Animal Health Act 1981, and incidences of disease in imported animals for the year 2021.


Oral or Written advice: There is little difference whether the advice is written or oral. If it is advice and for enforcement purposes, should be grouped together. This would also be useful as it gives an indication of the level of complaint businesses.

Written correspondence or warnings: This indicates that there is a need for improvements following the intervention of animal health and welfare officers. This includes all letters and written notifications issued by the officer or the service which require improvements or actions to be taken.

Formal written notices: This should include any formal statutory Notices which are issued under the Animal Health Act 1981, or other animal health and welfare Regulations or Orders.

Reported to Procurator Fiscal: We should record the number of cases reported to Procurator Fiscal as this is not the same as the prosecution reports. There may well be cases which are not progressed by the Crown or they may issue a fiscal warning. It would be helpful to determine this as it will provide an overview on the work of Wildlife and Environmental Crime Unit.

Other: This includes Notices issued by the Sheriff including disposal orders in terms of livestock seizures.



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