The Anholt - GFK Roper Nation Brands Index(SM): 2012 Report for Scotland

This publication reports the 2012 findings of the Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index (NBI) on Scotland's international reputation in terms of exports, governance, culture, people, tourism and investment and immigration.

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2 The Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index and the Nation Brands Hexagon are trademarks and copyrights of Simon Anholt and GfK Roper.

3 NBISM scores range 1-100. NBISM rankings range 1-50.

4 See paragraph 3.14.

5 The Government Economic Strategy, the Scottish Government, 2011.

6 Twenty panel countries are selected for the survey for the NBISM study; according to GfK-Roper, the survey strives to represent regional balance as well as balance between high-income and middle-income countries.

7 The Scottish Government did not subscribe to the 2011 NBISM survey, given its stable performance; however, Scotland was included in the sample of 50 evaluated countries.



10 Two exceptions are worth noting:
In Egypt, where panellists are not as familiar and experienced with online surveys, survey length was reduced, resulting in each nation getting approximately 250 ratings. Chinese panellists are asked to rate all nations except their own.

11 The most notable shift in the Top 10 since 2008 was in the case of the US: ranked 7th in 2008, it progressed to the top of the list in 2009, and has maintained its position as the leader of NBISM rankings since.

12 NBISM score range 1-100. NBISM rankings range 1-50.

13 While Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, which is rated separately, at no point in the survey is this information given, although some individuals responding to the survey will be aware of the fact that Scotland is part of the UK. There are no specific survey questions that allow the relationship between the UK and Scotland's reputations to be directly explored.

14 The Scottish Government did not subscribe to the survey in 2011, and therefore did not have data available for this year.

15 It is likely that some of the UK sample being asked about Scotland are either living in Scotland and/or are from Scotland. However, we cannot tell how many respondents fall into this category from the data available.

16 Although Scotland is ranked 31st by Egypt, this should not be taken as a "negative" view of Scotland's reputation. An analysis of the Egypt sample's scores across each dimension and its levels of favourability and familiarity with Scotland suggest that, rather than respondents holding a negative view of Scotland's reputation, it is more a case of not knowing enough about Scotland, i.e. giving it a score associated with "don't know/neutral" view.

17 Note, however, that the list of 50 evaluated countries is not identical in 2010 and 2012 (see paragraph 3.12).

18 Between 2010 and 2012, six countries (Greece, Georgia, Croatia, Nigeria, Qatar, and Ecuador) entered the sample, whilst six nations exited (Luxembourg, Flanders, Romania, Slovakia, Cuba, and Angola).

19 Respondents were asked to indicate whether they were "very familiar", "familiar", had "some knowledge", did "know name only", or "have not heard of" Scotland. Figure 2 reports the percentage of respondents who said they were "very familiar", "familiar" or had "some knowledge" of Scotland.

20 TNS System 3, USA Strategy Research Report, The Scottish Government, 2007.

21 The sample strategy for the survey means that the survey asks questions of the people who share similar characteristics, gender split, etc., as the respondents in the previous year.

22 As explained in chapter 3, "improvement" corresponds to an increase in score in excess of one point.


24 Outside the UK; figures reported here exclude oil and gas exports.

25 The total value of international (i.e. non-UK) Scottish exports in 2010 (excluding oil and gas) was estimated at £22 billion (Global Connections Survey, The Scottish Government).

26 It is worth noting that Scotland's own perception of excellence in sports has improved since 2010, when the Scottish sample ranked Scotland's sporting performance 17th.

27; provisional data for 2011.

28 Ireland is not in the panel of evaluating countries, and its perceptions are therefore unavailable.

29 As above, it is worth noting that the US' perception of Scotland has declined. For Tourism, it ranked Scotland 8th in 2010, and 12th in 2012. This was also reflected in a reduced score, which was comparable to the decline in the average score for Tourism given by the US.

30 More than one choice of words was allowed.

31 Scottish Development International (2011), International Trade and Investment Strategy 2011-2015

32 Latest available data, Ernst & Young's 2012 UK attractiveness survey.

33 An attribute within the Investment and Immigration dimension.


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