Analysis of Ethnicity in the 2001 Census - Summary Report

The report presents results across the main policy areas covered in the Census analysed by ethnic group

Analysis of Ethnicity in the 2001 Census - Summary Report

Office of the Chief Statistician
February 2004

This document is also available in pdf format (204k)


1. Demographics
Scottish Population
Age Profiles
Marital Status
Country of Birth
Ethnicity of Spouse
Ascribed ethnicity of children by ethnicity of parents
Family structure and numbers of dependent children
Lone parent families
Multiple family households
Geographic Analysis
2. Housing
Accommodation type
Tenure type
Rented accommodation
Communal establishments
Occupancy rating
Central Heating
3. Labour Market
Student population
Economic activity
Size of organisations
Occupation, Industry and Hours Worked
4. Health and Care
General Health
Long term limiting illness and disability
Provision of care
5. Education
Highest level of qualification
6. Religion
Current religion

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