Agri-renewables strategy for Scotland

This strategy shows how agri-renewables can contribute to the aim of building a cleaner, greener Scotland.

Executive Summary

The Agri-renewables Strategy for Scotland is a sectoral Routemap which sits alongside the 2020 Routemap for Renewable Energy in Scotland and the Microgeneration Strategy for Scotland. The Strategy outlines the Scottish Government's aims and ambitions for the growth of agri-renewables in Scotland, building on what has already been achieved.

This Strategy shows how agri-renewables can contribute to the aim of building a cleaner, greener Scotland. It also sets out how far we have come in capitalising on the opportunities offered and where we see the future for agri-renewables.

It demonstrates how the Scottish Government, working in collaboration with industry and other stakeholders, will continue to support development to achieve a sustainable and viable market for agri-renewables to help us deliver the transition to a low carbon economy.

The Strategy identifies six Focus Areas which are of key importance for development of renewables on farms. Under each Focus Area, actions have been identified to mitigate barriers to uptake. Monitoring and reporting on progress is arranged through consultative groups and wider stakeholder engagement.

1. Community involvement and benefits: actions in this area seek to ensure that local communities share in the advantages of on-farm renewable energy. These include increased community cohesion and confidence, skills development and support for local economic development.

2. Skills and advice: this section outlines the support available to land managers in considering a renewables development and the initiatives that are underway to increase confidence in the sector.

3. Planning and consents: planning is an important consideration in developing any renewables project. This section explains the actions being taking to streamline the planning system, including online planning advice and guidance.

4. Grid connection: we fully recognise that there are challenges to obtaining a grid connection. The actions here ratify our long term aim to ensure that Scotland can benefit from a flexible system that can accommodate the increased penetration of renewables.

5. Finance and technology costs: this section outlines the range of support in place to encourage growth in the agri-renewables market. We also look to the future with investment and innovation in Scotland through initiatives such as the Energy Technology Partnership.

6. Research and innovation: the Scottish Government is committed to innovation and research aimed at driving the development and deployment of renewable energy generation. We highlight achievements and activity in this field.


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