Advocacy in the children's hearings system - national practice model: guidance

National practice model for children's advocacy in the children’s hearings system.


The Scottish Government would like to thank Who Cares? Scotland for the work that they undertook to develop the National Practice Model for Advocacy within the Children’s Hearings System and the Action Research Projects which have informed it.

The Scottish Government supports Who Cares? Scotland in thanking:

The young people who participated in the consultations which form the basis of the National Practice Model and the Who Cares? Scotland staff who supported their participation. The level of engagement with this work gives us confidence that the model developed will deliver for the children and young people who need it most.

The young people who shared their stories and gave permission to use their very personal experiences to illustrate what advocacy means to the children and young people who receive advocacy support.

The Expert Reference Group who gave their time and views so generously.*

The Lines Between who facilitated the wider stakeholder consultations and all those who participated in the workshops and survey.

The internal working group for their collaborative approach to the task.**

*Scottish Government, Local Authorities, SIAA, Children’s Hearings Scotland, SCRA, CYCJ, CELCIS, Scottish Legal Aid Board, Barnardo’s, AdvoCard, Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross, South Lanarkshire Council, Social Work Scotland, CAPS Independent Advocacy, Clan Childlaw, Partners in Advocacy

**Maciej Alexander, Susan Armstrong, Tom Boyd, Paula Campbell, Cheryl-Ann Cruickshank, David Faith, Brian Houston, Lucy Hughes, Rebecca Kayne, Callum Lynch, Lorraine Moore



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