Adults with incapacity: guide to assessing capacity

Guidance for healthcare and social work professionals.

Appendix 2: Sample interview questions - personal care

The following are examples only, questions will need to be tailored to the circumstances of the individual.

1. Factual understanding

Where do you live?
Does anyone live at home with you?
Are there relatives or friends nearby?
Can you say who they are?
How often do they visit?
Who does your cooking/shopping/cleaning?
Do you have any health problems?
Do you see the doctor often?

2 Areas of unmet need

You told me you get your meals. Do you have any problems with cooking or using your stove? Have you lost any weight lately?

If you had a bad fall, how would you get help?

3 Where there is concern that functioning may be inadequate

i) Insight into problem

Your family is worried because you got lost twice last month. Do you remember what happened?

Have you been able to care for yourself lately as well as you would like to?

What has happened? Why is your wife so worried about your health?

ii) Decision-specific

You won't allow someone to come into your home and help you with your bath/dressing. What could happen to you if you can't keep yourself or your clothes clean?

iii) Reasoned choice

Why are you sitting in the dark every evening and not putting on the light and the fire now that it is getting so cold?

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