Additional support for learning: action plan (updated October 2021)

An updated ASL action plan, setting out the progress made since October 2020, to deliver against the recommendations made by the review of implementation of additional support for learning.


The Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Action Plan was initially published in October 2020, in response to the review of implementation of additional support for learning. This plan has now been updated to reflect the progress that has been made since October 2020

Despite the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) have continued to work collaboratively with partners and a wide range of stakeholders to progress the actions set out within the ASL action plan. This has enabled us to complete 8 of the actions fully within the first year and to ensure that the vast majority of the other actions are ongoing and on track. While the progress we have made is significant, we recognise that we there is much more to do. The Scottish Government and COSLA are firmly committed to continuing to work with our key partners to deliver the ASL Action Plan.

We therefore commit to working closely with our partners in the Additional Support for Learning Implementation Group (ASLIG) to take the opportunity to review the action plan, take stock of what we have achieved despite the challenging circumstances, and agree the priorities for the future to ensure that meaningful change is realised. As part of this, we will collaborate with ASLIG to identify opportunities to re-engage with families and professionals to ensure that their voices inform the agreed priorities for the future.

ASLIG will publish an updated action plan in Spring 2022.



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