Additional Support for Learning Implementation Group


The Additional Support for Learning Implementation Group (ASLIG) works collaboratively to provide advice to Scottish Government, the Scottish Education Council and Scottish Ministers on key issues relating to the implementation of Additional Support for Learning. It has a clear focus on continued improvement, ensuring that every child and young person gets the support they need, when they need it. 

ASLIG was established in 2019. Prior to this, the Advisory Group for Additional Support for Learning (AGASL) provided advice to the Scottish Government on additional support for learning in schools. AGASL agreed to a change in their structure which lead to the establishment of ASLIG as a core strategic group. This strategic group will be complimented by a wider network which will meet at least once a year.


Membership of the group will be made up of representatives from local government,  3rd Sector, parent groups, unions and childrens groups.  These representative groups have been asked to join ASLIG because of their ability to influence and drive improvement forward.

  • Chair/Enable Scotland – Jan Savage 
  • ADES – Jennifer King
  • COSLA – Eddie Folan
  • ASPEP – Lynne Binnie
  • EIS – Andrea Bradley
  • UNISON – Sylvia Haughney
  • Education Scotland – Laura-Ann Currie
  • NPFS - Cheryl Burnett
  • Children in Scotland - Sally Cavers
  • Scottish Government - Melanie Lowe


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