Achieving net zero in social housing: Zero Emissions Social Housing Taskforce report

This report outlines work undertaken by Zero Emission Social Housing Task Force. Within the report the recommendations set out what is required to achieve zero emission housing whilst ensuring support for tenants in reducing their energy bills and achieving carbon savings.


1 Changeworks & SFHA (2021). Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing 2032 (EESSH2)

2 Transparent arrangements for the sale of heat and energy through district heating and perhaps CHP networks should be in place through licensed network operators, as encouraged through the Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021, which will ensure that heat and energy sales to households are at an affordable price. This may involve support for social housing providers in accessing connections to or developing heat networks.

3 Some advice and information materials development and support is already funded by Scottish Government and delivered by EST, particularly around electric heating.

4 Scope 1 includes direct emissions from owned or controlled sources such as fuel combustion appliances (e.g. gas boiler). Scope 2 covers indirect emissions which arise from the generation of purchased electricity and heat. Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions that occur in the wider supply chain.



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