Access to outdoor recreation by older people in Scotland

Report detailing research on access to outdoor recreation for older people.

Appendix D: Interview schedule

A. Background Information

1. Age …….yrs

2. Do you live alone/ with others? If yes, who?

3. What was your occupation if you had one?

4. How long have you lived in the area for?

B. Engagement with the outdoors for recreational purposes

5. How often do your currently get outdoors for recreational purposes?

6. If you do go out how where do you go, who with, and what activities do you do?

7. Would you like to get out more?

8. Have there been times in your life when they you have got into the outdoors more? If so why and what changed?

C. Barriers to getting into the outdoors

9. What would you say are the main reasons that you don't go into the outdoors (more often)?

10. To what extent is your current health and mobility a barrier?

  • Prompts: issues concerns around being outdoors when becoming unwell or falling

11. To what extent do you feel safe and secure when you are out and about in your local area?

  • Prompt: if not feeling safe explore the reasons why

12. To what extent do your established routines limit you going into the outdoors for recreational purposes?

  • Prompts: Other activities/routines and responsibilities ( e.g. caring responsibilities, community/volunteering)

13. Do you have people to visit the outdoors with?

  • Prompts: If not, does this stop you going out? If so, who do you go with and are you limited by these people as to how often you can go?

14. Does the weather/light and time of year make a difference to you getting into the outdoors?

15. Does how you feel about your local outdoor spaces affect how often you want to go out?

  • Prompts: perceptions about local green/blue space, environmental barriers - do local recreational resources meet participants' physical, psychological, and social needs? Are they desirable spaces to visit?; how easy is it to access local outdoor recreation spaces?

D. Ways to facilitate outdoor recreation and physical activity

16. Current overall physical activity levels and other (indoor) activities participants engage in? i.e. what do they do and how often

17. What do you think would help you to use outdoors more in future and what would need to change?

18. Would you be interested in taking part in organized activities to get you into the outdoors?

  • Prompts: e.g. health walks groups, walking football, green exercise prescriptions

19. Are you aware of any initiatives like this in your local area, and if interested, what has prevented you from getting involved?


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