Ethnicity and justice - academic management: research mapping

Outlines previous, current and future research projects around ethnicity and justice from a survey of academics and researchers in Scotland. Conducted on behalf of the Cross Justice Working Group on Race Data and Evidence.


The Cross Justice Working Group on Race Data and Evidence carried out an online survey of academics and researchers in Scotland in April - May 2021. Findings from the survey will inform the development of their future research plan and data development plan. The survey asked academics and researchers based in Scotland about their priorities around research and data on ethnicity and justice, and to find out about any previous research, upcoming research they have planned, or would like to do around these issues in Scotland.

A report of findings from the survey, including details of the survey methodology has been written, and published as a working group paper alongside this one.

This separate “mapping” report provides details of previous, current and future research projects around ethnicity and justice that respondents wrote about in the survey. It provides a high level summary, followed by tables providing more details on the projects respondents included.

Twenty-one respondents completed the survey. Respondents were asked to provide a brief description of any previous, current or future research projects on ethnicity and justice they had been involved in. They were also asked to indicate which broad topic area that research fits into. Nearly all respondents, 20 out of 21, provided information about such research.

Information was provided on 28 research projects

Where respondents included information on research projects which are not directly connected to the justice system in Scotland, information on these projects have been included in Table 6, “other relevant research”

Sixteen respondents provided their contact details and gave consent to be contacted in future to provide further information about the projects they described.

Overview tables provide a list of topics/sub topics and the titles of projects which fit within those themes (Table 1) and the demographics of research participants (Table 2), where that information was provided.

The rest of the tables in this report collate the information provided about the research respondents described.


The tables in this mapping report are based on information provided by respondents, which contained varying levels of detail. Where one respondent mentioned more than one project, each project is included separately. Where respondents included more than one project, and ticked multiple boxes to indicate the topics those projects related to, all the topics selected will be listed beside each of the projects that respondent named (Tables 3 – 5). This is because, due to the limited amount of information provided, it is not always possible to tell which project the topic was selected in relation to. Similarly in Table 1, each project a respondent named will be listed beside all the topics selected by respondents. This might result in a degree of over-counting for certain topics, by attributing all of a respondent’s projects to all of the topics they selected, when that topic might only relate to one of the projects.



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