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Labour Force Survey

The latest estimates from the Labour Force Survey and other key labour market statistics are provided by the Office for National Statistics in their monthly statistical bulletins. The Labour Force Survey (LFS) is a survey of the employment circumstances of the UK population. It is the largest household survey in the UK and provides the official measures of employment and unemployment.

Annual Population Survey

The Annual Population Survey (APS) combines results from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) and the English, Welsh and Scottish Labour Force Survey boosts. The boosts increase the sample size which means the APS can provide more robust labour market estimates for local areas compared to the main LFS. Thus the APS is the primary source for information on local labour markets providing headline estimates on employment, unemployment and economic activity.

Results from the Annual Population Survey are available in the labour market statistics collection and at statistics.gov.scot.

If you are unable to find the data you require, please email the Labour Market Statistics Branch (lmstats@gov.scot) for assistance.


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