Abortion (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2021 – proposed changes: business and regulatory impact assessment

This business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) considers the proposals for changes to the Abortion (Scotland) Regulations 1991 to enable notifications of abortions to be sent to the Chief Medical Officer electronically and to avoid personal data about patients being included in future notifications.

5. Scottish firms impact test

Scottish Government and PHS officials held a meeting with BMI Ross Hall hospital to discuss the proposed changes, both to the notifications process and the transfer of patient data to PHS. Ross Hall was content that the changes to notifications would be minimal and would be able to be implemented easily as it would involve only sending an email to the CMO instead of a paper notification form. There would be no costs associated with this change. Ross Hall and PHS are exploring the most appropriate option for the secure transfer of patient data directly to PHS as it may not be possible for it to use the secure portal into the PHS system. Similar to the notifications side of the process, Ross Hall was content that the changes would be minimal as it would involve entering similar levels of patient data, but just potentially in a different format. It is not expected that any of the options will attract a cost.


Email: sam.baker@gov.scot

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