25% Reduction in Senior Management Posts Target – National Progress Towards 25% Reduction as at 31st March 2013

The tables contained within the publication show the number of senior managers in post as at 31st March each year and the national reduction since March 2010. These statistics are based on management information provided by NHS Boards to the Scottish Government.

2. Main Findings

The main findings for year 3 of the target (financial year 2012/13) are:

  • The overall reduction in senior management between March 2012 and March 2013 has been 93.7 WTE, a decrease of 8.5%.
  • Reduction in territorial boards was 87.3 WTE, a decrease of 9.4%.
  • Reduction in special boards was 6.3 WTE, a decrease of 3.6%.

The overall reduction in senior management in the first three years of the target (financial years 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13) has been 304.4 WTE, a decrease of 23.1%.

Table 1. Senior Management1,2 Reduction (WTE) - Progress over Year 3 as at 31st March 2013 and Overall3

Year 14 Year 24, 5 Year 3 Overall3

Board Baseline


31-Mar-11 31-Mar-12 31-Mar-13 Yearly Change
n % n %
NHS Scotland 1,318.8 1,212.5 1,108.1 1,014.4 -93.7 -8.5% -304.4 -23.1%
Territorial Board 1,102.8 1,013.9 933.2 845.9 -87.3 -9.4% -256.9 -23.3%
Special Board 216.0 198.6 174.9 168.5 -6.3 -3.6% -47.5 -22.0%

Source - NHS Board data.

1. In order to make the national target more consistent, NHS Boards were given the opportunity to exclude clinical staff on executive and senior management pay grades, but include administrative posts on AfC Band 8a and above that they would class as part of the senior managers.

2. These figures are not comparable to the Management (non AfC) figures in the National Statistics publication or the Workforce Projections publication. The definition used in the target allows the exclusion of clinically orientated staff from the Management (non AfC) group and the inclusion of some AfC Band 8a and above Administration staff.

3. Change between 31 March 2010 and 31 March 2013.

4. These data include revised Senior Management WTE figures for NHS 24 in Years 1 and 2 due to job family reclassification.

5. These data include revised Senior Management WTE figues for NHS Dumfries & Galloway in Year 2 whilst a staff member was in an interim position.


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