Local government candidate diversity survey 2022: data protection impact assessment

This data protection impact assessment (DPIA) reports on and assesses against any potential data protection or privacy impacts as a result of the running of the 2022 local government candidate diversity survey, and the data processing undertaken as part of the project.

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2. Document metadata

2.1 Name of Project: 2022 Local Government Candidate Diversity Survey

2.2 Authors of report: Gill Cruickshank and Hannah Rutherford - Directorate for Performance, Delivery And Resilience

2.3 Date of report: 25/02/2022

2.4 Name of Information Asset Owner (IAO) of relevant business unit: Audrey MacDougall, Head of Scottish Government Central Analysis Division and Chief Social Researcher

2.5 Date for review of DPIA:

Review date Details of update Completion date Approval Date
25/05/22 quarterly review


Email: diverserepresentationdata@gov.scot

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