Scottish household survey 2019: culture and heritage - report

Reports on culture and heritage data from the 2019 Scottish Household Survey.

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2 Cultural Engagement

Cultural engagement[19] in Scotland is high. 2019 data show that nine in ten (90 per cent) adults were culturally engaged, either having attended or visited a cultural event or place or having participated in a cultural activity in the last 12 months (Figure 2.1). 

The figure has been maintained since 2018. Note that although these data have been gathered between 2007 and 2017 as well, due to changes in wording of the cultural attendance and participation questions in 2012 and 2018[20] comparisons should not be drawn between the years prior to 2018 and 2018 onwards. 

Figure 2.1: Cultural engagement by adults in the last 12 months by year - Percentages, 2007 to 2019 data (minimum base: 9,130)
Percentage of respondents who engaged in culture in the last 12 months by year. 



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