2018 national improvement framework and improvement plan

The framework sets out activity the Scottish Government and partners will take to drive improvement for children and young people.


The 2018 National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan presents the most comprehensive understanding of the data, evidence and current action in the Scottish education system we have seen. But bringing this data together is not enough by itself. We need to use that data intelligently, consistently and coherently, on a day to day basis, to help us improve our understanding of what is working well and to drive improvement at all levels of the system.

Education and improving outcomes for all young people are the top priorities for this Government. There is excellent practice in our system and many children and young people achieve their potential. The challenge for all those involved in Scottish education is to make that level of practice and those outcomes the reality for all. Collaboration and effective action at all levels of the system are key to driving improvement in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing and ensuring that all children and young people are able to reach their potential.

Our collective understanding will continue to evolve in coming years and will be helpfully informed by future engagement with the Scottish Education Council. The new, reformed arrangements for the delivery of improvement support for Scottish education will help to secure improvement across all of the drivers of the National Improvement Framework.


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