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Autumn budget 2018-2019: supporting document

Published: 27 Sep 2018
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Economy, Money and tax, Scottish Budget

A supporting document to the Autumn Budget Revision which provides details of changes to the Level 2 and 3 Scottish Government portfolio budgets.

Autumn budget 2018-2019: supporting document
Table 1.8a Funding Reconciliation

Table 1.8a Funding Reconciliation

Forecast Reserve balance brought forward from 2017-18 @ SBR 430.3
Barnett consequentials for Brexit (March 2018 Spring Statement) 37.4
Additional carry forward from 2017-18 Provisional Outturn 96.7
Total funding available for deployment 564.4
Already deployed in 2018-19 budgets -334.6
Deployed at Autumn Budget Revision -32.1
Available for future deployment 197.7