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2017 non-domestic rating revaluation consultation on possible transitional arrangements: analysis of responses

Published: 15 Dec 2016
Local Government and Communities Directorate
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Analysis of responses to the public consultation on possible transitional arrangements relating to the 2017 non-domestic rating revaluation.

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2017 non-domestic rating revaluation consultation on possible transitional arrangements: analysis of responses
2 About the respondents

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2 About the respondents

2.1 This section provides information about the respondents to the consultation.

Number of responses received

2.2 The consultation received 52 submissions. Over half (56%; 29 out of 52 responses) were submitted through the Scottish Government's online consultation hub. The remaining responses were submitted by email or post.

2.3 Most of the responses (49) were submitted by organisational respondents; however, three were submitted by individuals. Organisational respondents comprised both private sector and public sector organisations. See Table 2.1 below.

Table 2.1: Number of responses

Respondent type n %
Private sector organisations 24 46%
Public sector -- Local government and NHS organisations 21 40%
Other organisations* 4 8%
Individuals 3 6%
Total 52 100%

* 'Other' organisational respondents included professional bodies.

2.4 Private sector respondents included individual companies, as well as associations or umbrella groups representing a range of private companies in a variety of sectors. Eight of the private sector respondents were companies or organisations representing the energy and renewables industry, and eight were organisations responsible for managing large retail property portfolios. Few of the private sector respondents were small to medium size companies, although a response was received from FSB Scotland (Federation of Small Businesses), a membership body representing the interests of small businesses. A complete list of the respondents to the consultation is included at Annex 1.

Response rates for individual questions

2.5 As noted in Chapter 1, the consultation contained four questions - three closed (tick-box) questions and one open question inviting further comment.

2.6 All but one respondent answered the first question, which asked whether the Scottish Government should introduce a transitional scheme for the 2017 Revaluation. Depending on their answers to this first question, some respondents did not answer the second or third questions. All but one of the respondents provided further comments (at Question 4) to explain their answers. The response rates for individual questions are shown in Annex 2.