1+2 languages policy - local authority survey 2021: findings

Findings of a 2021 survey of local authorities on progress to implement the 1+2 languages policy in schools. The key finding is that nearly all primary and secondary schools now deliver language learning from P1 through to the end of the Broad General Education.

7. Resources required for implementation

We asked local authorities what resources the schools in their locality that were not providing a full L2 entitlement or an L3 entitlement required in order to do so.

  • For primary schools, it was reported that further and on-going career-long professional learning (CLPL) for practitioners in both language and pedagogy would continue to be necessary until the workforce is sufficiently trained and confident to deliver language teaching.
  • For secondary schools, it was reported that the recruitment of more languages teachers would ease the current pressures in secondary languages departments, and allow them to provide the requisite period allocation for achievement of the fourth curriculum level by the end of S3.

We also asked what resources special schools required to deliver their language learning offer. The majority advised they would welcome further support for staff training in language teaching, as well as resources and specialist equipment, in order to ensure that languages are a fully-embedded part of their curriculum offer. It was also suggested that national advice and guidance on the provision of languages for learners with additional support needs should be published.



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