Educating children and young people

Schools - educating on sexual harassment and gender based violence

We are developing national guidance for schools to help tackle sexual harassment and gender based violence. This framework will be developed by the Gender based violence in schools working group

It will supplement existing learning on health and wellbeing in schools

RSHP (relationships, sexual health and parenthood) education provides learning activities to help children and young people develop mutually respectful, responsible and confident relationships.

Violence prevention

We fund Education Scotland to coordinate the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme in secondary schools, to implement the Violence Prevention Framework for Scotland

This peer mentoring programme, engaging with all 32 local authorities, encourages the development of healthy relationships and gives young people a chance to explore and understand how they can safely support each other and challenge attitudes that underpin gender-based violence.

Equally Safe at school and other education programmes

Through our Delivering Equally Safe fund, we fund Rape Crisis Scotland to develop the Equally Safe at School programme.

Equally Safe at School is designed for secondary schools to take a holistic approach to preventing gender-based violence, consistent with the Equally Safe strategy to prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls.  

Additionally, we fund Rape Crisis Scotland’s national sexual violence prevention programme to local authority secondary schools across Scotland.

Both programmes aim to provide consistency in approaches to the prevention of sexual violence and contributes to Equally Safe.

Further and higher education 

We work with Scotland’s colleges and universities to establish them as places where students can live, study and research, safe from gender-based violence.

Our work is driven by the Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities Core Leadership Group






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