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Veterans strategy

The Scottish Government, along with the other governments of the United Kingdom, launched the Strategy For Our Veterans in November 2018. The strategy sets out the vision, principles and aims which will drive our support for veterans in the future. It covers six themes:

  • community and relationships
  • employment, education and skills
  • finance and debt
  • health and wellbeing
  • making a home in civilian society
  • veterans and the law

During 2019 the Scottish Government completed an extensive round of face-to-face engagements with stakeholders throughout Scotland, seeing more than 60 organisations across the public, private and third sectors, including groups of veterans themselves.

On 21 January 2020, we published ‘Taking the Strategy Forward in Scotland’, which outlined how we will take  the strategy forward and achieve the best possible outcomes for veterans and their families now and in the future. On 5 August 2022, we published the refreshed action plan, which details how we intend to continue to take forward the 'Strategy for Our Veterans' in Scotland.

Our response summarises areas where potential improvements were suggested and sets out what the Scottish Government and partners are doing to address them set out against the cross cutting factors of:

  • collaboration
  • coordination
  • data
  • perception
  • recognition

The Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans provides an annual update to Parliament on the work done to support the Armed Forces and Veterans Community. This will be used as an opportunity to update on progress against the commitments contained in the Veterans Strategy.  Read the report which accompanied the 2022 annual update to Parliament.

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