Third sector

Fairer funding

We recognise that the third sector needs clarity and stability to secure its resilience and to grow its capacity and are committed to developing a fairer funding approach for the sector. 

Fairer funding means making sure that we improve the way we provide funding to the third sector. This includes:  

  • improvements to our grant-making arrangements to provide greater clarity and consistency of practice
  • increasing the number of multi-year agreements to provide stability
  • proportionate reporting and monitoring 
  • ensuring prompt notification of funding and 
  • reviewing grant conditions

This commitment to fairer funding seeks to address long standing issues for the third sector, building upon learning from the pandemic and the Social Renewal Advisory Board. It recognises the sector’s strategic role in enabling the transformation and delivery of person-centred services for the people of Scotland.

We are committed to ensuring that grant making is continuously improved and that best practice in grant management is mainstreamed across government, whilst understanding that the issue of fairer funding is a cross-government and cross-portfolio commitment. 

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