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Fair Food Fund

The Scottish Government believes no-one should be left hungry and have to rely on charitable food provision in a country as prosperous as Scotland; everyone has a right to food.

In 2016 The Independent Working Group on Food Poverty, whose membership included people with lived experience of food insecurity, recommended transitioning the response to food insecurity from charitable approaches towards rights-based, dignified approaches. This includes support to maximise income, and to access nutritious food in inclusive, community settings. Find out more about dignified approaches including the four dignity principles.

Our £3.5 million Fair Food Fund enables dignified responses to food insecurity. It is evolving the response from charitable food provision towards rights-based access to nutritious food and support to tackle the root causes of poverty.

In 2017-2019 we awarded grants to 34 community organisations through the Fair Food Transformation Fund. Read a review of the
Fair Food Transformation Fund.

The Fair Food Transformation Fund has now merged with other community funds to become the Investing in Communities Fund which will continue to fund community organisations that aim to tackle food insecurity in a dignified way.

Read our latest news release on what we have been doing with the Fair Food Fund.

If you would like to know more about the Scottish Government’s aims to tackle food insecurity please contact Elli.Kontorravdis@gov.scot or Justin.Little@gov.scot