The seas around Scotland have the potential to provide us with a large sustainable, renewable energy source. In addition to the National Marine Plan, Scottish Ministers have also taken forward initiatives to support the sustainable development of offshore renewable energy. This includes a Sectoral Marine Plan for offshore wind and draft sectoral plans for wave and tidal energy.  A consenting and licensing manual was published in 2018 and a scientific research framework has been created to improve our knowledge of the marine environment and the potential effects of marine and offshore renewable energy.


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We are firmly committed to the development of a successful and sustainable offshore renewable energy industry in Scotland and has a stated target of meeting 100% of Scottish demand for electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Indeed Scotland is well placed to take a global lead in the exploitation of renewable energy sources at sea with a massive marine renewables potential of an estimated 25% of Europe’s tidal resource, 25% of its offshore wind resource and 10% of its wave potential.

More information on Marine Scotland’s marine and offshore renewable energy policies and projects can be found in the stakeholder brief.





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