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National Manufacturing Institute Scotland

Manufacturing is important to Scotland’s economy, employing over 185,000 people and accounting for over half of our international exports and business research and development. We are establishing the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) as part of our commitment to support and grow our diverse manufacturing base, and to make Scotland a recognised producer as well as consumer of goods.

We want the NMIS to be an industry-led international centre of manufacturing expertise. Industry, research and the public sector will work together to transform skills, productivity and innovation. This will attract investment and make Scotland a global leader in advanced manufacturing. 

The core facilities will be located in Renfrewshire close to Glasgow Airport and the existing Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) which – together with the Lightweight Manufacturing Centre (LMC) – will be part of the wider NMIS group.

The NMIS will comprise:

  • a digital factory to develop the processes and technologies to address companies’ manufacturing challenges or opportunities
  • a manufacturing skills academy to provide advanced manufacturing training and upskilling for individuals at all levels of their career
  • a collaborative hub to enable companies and their supply chain to work on new projects together without disrupting their existing production lines

Together with our enterprise agencies we have committed £75m investment in NMIS, which will be managed through Scottish Enterprise, with the University of Strathclyde, who will host the Institute, contributing £8 million. This figure includes £8.9m for a Lightweight Manufacturing Centre (LMC) which acts as a first stage of NMIS and was opened by the First Minister in June 2019. LMC is located in temporary facilities near the NMIS site and acts as a first new phase of NMIS and will move into the main NMIS facilities in due course. A contract between University of Strathclyde and Morrisons Construction to build the main NMIS facility has been signed.  Construction is planned to begin in late 2020 and is anticipated to take 18 months, supporting more than 200 jobs.

NMIS will be at the heart of the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS), which will also house the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre. 

NMIS is delivering for customers now. A number of pilot projects with companies large and small are underway with temporary facilities now secured and staff recruited to work on projects. NMIS has also been supporting activity associated with scaling up production to meet the increased demands placed on the NHS supply chain by COVID-19.

NMIS will also connect across Scotland and beyond through outreach agreements with academic institutions. This activity will sit alongside the services and influence delivery partners will bring in ensuring NMIS is accessible to manufacturing businesses of all size and sector in Scotland. 

We are working in partnership with University of Strathclyde and Scottish Enterprise to deliver NMIS alongside organisations including:

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