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International offices: Copenhagen

The Nordic office is the latest addition to our international network, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This will give us maximum reach and mobility across the entire region. The office became operational in May 2022 and officially opened in August 2022. The Nordics are, by their very nature, small and open nations. Engaging here can strengthen Scotland’s own commitment to being a competitive and internationalised place to live, work, do business and study.

Scotland has strong shared interests with the Nordics on culture, environment, energy, climate change, digital economies, wellbeing and social services, and preservation and opportunities in the Arctic region. This is reflected in the many direct connections our policy teams have with the region already. The Nordic office aims to improve these connections, helping to connect business, cultural organisations and academia, as well as connecting politically. In this way, we won’t only strengthen diplomatic links, but ties between people, culture and economies, helping to make Scotland a natural part of the European family.

We are co-located with Scottish Development International within the British Embassy Copenhagen, and work to promote partnerships between Scotland and five nearby small, open and similar countries, as well as offering Scotland a strong platform for engaging the multilateral institutions based in Copenhagen, including the United Nations and its agencies.


Head of Copenhagen Office: Katrine Feldinger 

Twitter: @ScotGovNordic


Scottish Government Copenhagen Office
Kastelsvej 36-40
Copenhagen East

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