Human trafficking

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Support for victims of human trafficking

We are committed to improving support for victims of human trafficking and exploitation in Scotland.

Figures from the National Crime Agency show there were 228 potential victims of trafficking identified in Scotland in 2018.

The Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015 provides clear rights for adult victims who need support and protection, similar to those in place for child victims.

Our Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy (May 2017) was developed to build on existing work to identify and support victims to safety and recovery.

From April 2018, the support period for victims will be doubled to at least 90 days, three times as long as the Council of Europe minimum period.

We are providing funding over £1,000,000 in 2019 to 2020 to support all adult victims of human trafficking in Scotland, including specialist psychological trauma support.

Support for child victims of trafficking and exploitation

Support and protection for child victims is provided within the context of Scotland's child protection system.

The National Guidance for Child Protection, refreshed in 2014, provides guidance on child trafficking. It highlights that all necessary actions and inter-agency child protection procedures should be followed to ensure child victims are protected.

The Inter-agency Guidance for Child Trafficking, published in 2013, provides guidance to professionals working with children to help them identify potential trafficking victims and make appropriate referrals for protection and support.

The 2015 Act strengthened protections for child victims by ensuring guardians are available for all eligible children.

More on the child protection system.

You can find more information about victims' rights, and the support available, on
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