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National Treatment Centres

The National Treatment Centre (NTC) programme is an investment by the Scottish Government to support a national network of purpose-built healthcare facilities across Scotland for planned and diagnostic care. The new facilities will be an important resource both locally and nationally providing:

  • an increase in capacity to support patients to access treatment
  • increased flexibility for patients accessing treatment
  • support collaborative working across territorial NHS Boards

Three National Treatment Centres are due to open in 2023:

In November 2020, we opened the Eye Centre at NHS Golden Jubilee University National Hospital. In 2021/22 over 8,700 cataract operations were undertaken at this new facility. We will see the next phase of development in Clydebank completed in late summer 2023. This will bring additional capacity for around 9,400 procedures in 2023/24.

Altogether, the new centres will provide a total capacity of eight additional orthopaedic theatres; an additional inpatient/daycase ward; five endoscopy rooms and two general theatres.

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