Best Start: workforce and education


This group is no longer active.

This group was asked to deliver The Best Start recommendations relating to workforce and education to ensure that the correct people are in the correct place and with the correct training.

To deliver this aim, the sub-group was tasked with:

  • considering the workforce planning elements of The Best Start
  • commissioning of national education resources that support the delivery of The Best Start
  • examining how the workforce planning tools need to adapt and be modified to deliver the new model including the predictable absence allowance
  • evaluating skills required for remote and rural working in maternity and neonatal care and develop a national framework for developing and maintaining remote and rural skills
  • developing national guidance on non-registered staff roles
  • developing a national audit and governance mechanism for staff for routine examination of the newborn



  • Susan Key, Assistant Director, NES
  • Sharon Adamson, Regional Planner


  • Joanna Greenock, Midwife
  • Aileen Lawrie, Head of Midwifery Group
  • Vanessa Mackay, Obstetrician
  • Cherlyene Dougan, Maternity Care Assistant
  • Jane Couper, Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
  • Derek Philips, Workforce Planner
  • Kevin Colclough, Workforce Planner
  • Helene Marshall, NES
  • Emma Currer, Royal College of Midwives
  • Lucie Buck, British Medical Association



Email: Amy Brown

Tel: 0131 244 5640

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