Secure Care Group


The group  is a forum for practice and governance support, leadership and direction at a national level driving a culture of improvement in relation to children in or on the edges of secure care. The group will:

  • ensure that children, young people and young adults with experience of being in or on the edges of secure care have the opportunity to contribute to, advise, inform, influence and challenge policy and practice development and implementation programmes
  • connect with other related activity and developments and consider the position of secure care within this


  • Laura Caven, COSLA (Joint Chair)
  • Tom McNamara, Scottish Government (Joint Chair)
  • Alison Gough, Good Shepherd Centre
  • Mary Geaney, Rossie Young People’s Trust
  • Kevin Miller, St Mary’s Kenmure
  • Sinclair Soutar, Kibble Safe Centre
  • Fi McFarlane, The Promise Scotland
  • Ben Farrugia, Social Work Scotland
  • Rod Finan, Office of the Chief Social Worker
  • Beth-Anne Logan, STARR Group
  • Lily Humphreys, Children's Hearing Scotland
  • Janine McCullough, Education Scotland
  • Andrew Sloan, Care Inspectorate
  • Chris Wright, Care Inspectorate
  • Zoe Brawn, Scotland Excel
  • Jo Derrick, STAF
  • Jane Donaldson, Police Scotland
  • Gill Robinson, Scottish Prison Service
  • Ruby Whitelaw, CYCJ
  • Helen Smith, Foxgrove, National Secure Adolescent Inpatient Service for Scotland (NSAIS)
  • Victoria McInulty, Foxgrove NSAIS
  • Aileen Blower, SG CAMHS
  • Donna Munro, SG CAMHS
  • Jillian Gibson, COSLA
  • Liz Murdoch, Scottish Government
  • Alison Melville, Scottish Government (Secretariat)


Secure Care Group: terms of reference



Alison Melville


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