Secure Care Group


The purpose of the Secure Care Group is to provide strategic oversight to ensure that the remaining tasks of the Secure Care Strategic Board are completed and that there is no overlap or duplication of effort with the work of the Independent Care Review

The group’s main focus is on:

  • overseeing the finalisation and implementation of the Secure Care National Standards
  • providing strategic oversight for the Secure Care Strategic Board commissioning work strand that was tasked with ensuring that the next round of commissioning takes account of the secure standards and the contract is in place by March 2020

The group is jointly chaired by COSLA and the Scottish Government. 


  • Nicola Dickie, COSLA (Joint Chair) 
  • Tom McNamara, Scottish Government (Joint Chair) 
  • Ben Farrugia, Social Work Scotland
  • Beth-Anne Logan, CHS and STARR Group
  • Steven McPherson, Education Scotland
  • Aileen Blower, NHS
  • Andrew Sloan, Care Inspectorate
  • Lisa Muirhead, Care Review (Observer)
  • Debbie Nolan, Secure Care Development Manager
  • Nicola Burleigh, Scotland Excel
  • Catherine Agnew, Care Inspectorate
  • Liz Murdoch, Scottish Government
  • Helen Smith, CAMHS
  • Norma Corlette, Staf 
  • Karen Dyball, Glasgow Social Work
  • Alan Muirhead, Police Scotland
  • Gill Robinson, Scottish Prison Service
  • Rod Finan, Office of the Chief Social Worker
  • Secure Care Providers, Two rotating representatives
  • Emma Clater, Care Review
  • David Cotterell (Secretariat)