Secure Care Group: purpose and vision

Purpose and vision of the Secure Care Group.

The primary focus of the Secure Care Group is:

  • supporting and overseeing the successful delivery, implementation, monitoring and review of the Secure Care Pathway and Standards, Scotland
  • supporting the implementation of the ask from the Promise related to secure care
  • supporting and overseeing the successful delivery of calls for action on transformational change in secure care, including a review of the secure care commissioning model and the removal of 16 to 17 year olds from Young Offenders Institutions

The group will also take account of the strategic board's working vision for secure care, agreed in 2018.

Vision of the group

Our vision is of compassionate, nurturing, relational, rights-based responses and support within families, schools and communities and for all children and young people whenever there are concerns about significant harm to self and/or other people.

We are working together to get it right for every child, focused on making sure children and young people are offered early, timely, appropriate and high quality supports to help them fulfil their potential. 

Scotland is striving to become a country where all children and young people (whatever the vulnerabilities and risks associated with their distress and actions) are cared for as children and where no child or young person is deprived of their liberty.

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