Primary Care National Out of Hours Oversight Group


This group is no longer active.


The Out of Hours Oversight Group was established to identify potential issues and barriers which may negatively influence GPs attraction to work in the out of hours service. The group will track progress of actions to be taken forward to support Health and Social Care Partnerships to deliver a sustainable and resilient out of hours service. They will also track progress of actions previously identified in Sir Lewis Ritchie’s report ‘Pulling together: transforming urgent care for the people of Scotland’, to ensure their delivery.

The objectives of the group are:

  • to support the development of a national out of hours service by providing scrutiny and advice on the developments being taken forward to improve sustainability and resilience of services being delivered
  • to ensure focus and momentum to achieve that is developed and maintained
  • to monitor delivery of actions that have been prioritised by the group
  • to provide advice and support to aid delivery based on their expertise 
  • to promote and enable the sharing of best practice and common approaches to the delivery of out of hours across their own networks


  • Aidan Grisewood, Deputy Director and Head of Primary Care, Scottish Government (SG) Chair
  • Dr Andrew Buist, Chair, Scottish General Practitioners Committee (SGPC), GP, NHS Tayside
  • Sir Lewis Ritchie, Mackenzie Professor of General Practice, University of Aberdeen, and Medical Advisor, SG 
  • David Small, NHS Lothian
  • Anna Lamont, NHS24
  • Stephanie Phillips, NHS24
  • Fergus Millan, Head of Out of Hours, Urgent Care and Optometry, SG
  • Jenny Long, Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS)
  • Dr David Shackles, Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)
  • Anne Harkness, Director, South Sector, Acute Services Division, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Dr Sian Tucker, Clinical Director, Lothian Urgent Care Services
  • Gillian Stocks, Primary Care Out of Hours Senior Policy Manager, SG
  • Laura Ryan, Medical Director, NHS24
  • Jim Ward, SAS 
  • Judith Proctor, Chief Officer, Edinburgh
  • David Leese, Chief Officer, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Jan Beattie, Allied Health Professionals (AHP), Professional Advisor, SG
  • Amjad Khan, Director of Postgraduate GP Education, NHS Education for Scotland (NES)
  • Professor Moya Kelly, Director of Postgraduate GP, NES
  • Kirsty Walker, Head of Education, Policy and Workforce, Chief Nursing Officer Directorate, SG
  • Helen Maitland, Director, Unscheduled Care, SG
  • Michael Vacher, Primary Care Out of Hours Policy Manager, SG
  • Martha Martin, Primary Care Out of Hours Policy Officer, SG
  • Belinda Robertson, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS)
  • Maria McIlgorm, Nursing, SG
  • Moya Kelly, NES


Primary Care National Out of Hours Oversight Group: terms of reference

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