Primary Care National Out of Hours Oversight Group minutes: January 2019

Minutes of the meeting of the Primary Care National Out of Hours Oversight Group, held on 22 January 2019.

Attendees and apologies


  • Andrew Buist, SGPC
  • David Small, NHS Boards
  • Anna Fowlie, NHS 24
  • Stephanie Phillips, NHS 24
  • Jenny Long, SAS
  • David Webster, RCGP
  • David Shackles, RCGP
  • Anne Harkness, GG&C  
  • Richard Foggo (Chair)
  • Sir Lewis Ritchie
  • Sian Tucker (Chair Nat Ops)
  • Fergus Millan
  • Gillian Stocks


  • Laura Ryan, NHS 24 (Stephanie Phillips attending)
  • Jim Ward, SAS (Jenny Long attending)
  • Carey Lunan, RCGP (David Shackles attending)
  • David Leese, Chief Officers
  • Judith Proctor, Chief Officers
  • Michael Kellet, Chief Officers

Items and actions

1. Welcome and Introductions

The meeting started with the Chair outlining the purpose for this group to drive forward changes to make the out of hours service more sustainable and resilient.  This meeting was a follow up to the meeting in August 2018 which set out some key actions that could be taken to improve out of hours (OOH) service in the short and medium term.  

It was noted that the agreed actions had been shared with the Cabinet Secretary in October.  A follow up meeting with the Cabinet Secretary had to be rescheduled (now March 1) to discuss OOH.  One of the actions from the August meeting was the establishment of a group to oversee strategic direction of OOH.  

It was noted that the existing National Operations Group on OOH was active but it was agreed that a more strategic focus was required to drive change and improvement.  

It was noted that the national event held in November was a success and that part of the work-plan includes activity to encourage information sharing and networking opportunities, national and regionally.

2. Role, remit and membership of the group

There was strong agreement that this group was required to drive the OOH agenda  at a strategic level.

Clarity was needed on the role of the members – who are they representing? Local areas or groups?

3. Terms of Reference

The draft Terms of Reference were agreed and included discussion around:

  • Agreement that Chief Officer attendance/involvement is essential
  • Extend membership to include NES, HIS, nursing, AHPs and SG Unscheduled Care colleagues.  Discussion took place around patient representation but it was agreed to address this again in the future
  • Need to look at read across to GMS Oversight Group; acknowledged some mutual membership
  • Consideration to be given to the required number of meetings - possibly to be changed to 4 times per year

The draft work plan was noted with following additions:

  • ANPs and advanced paramedics input to OOH added to work-plan to enhance MDT OOHs working 
  • While focus on short term, work-plan needs to also address medium and long-term
  • Add communications plan

4. Actions

  • Look at opportunities to involve Cabinet Secretary in promoting OOHs with the support of RCGP to show the value of OOHs services
  • Group to produce an annual update to be shared with Cabinet Secretary, key groups (PC Leads etc)

Next meeting: April, date tbc



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