Energy Consumers Commission


This group is no longer active. 

In May 2019, the Scottish Government committed to establishing an independent Energy Consumers Commission (ECC) to enhance the voice of consumers who reside in Scotland within the energy market. The commission was formed in July 2020 consisting of representatives with a wealth of experience in national consumer advocacy and advice bodies, academia and local groups serving energy consumers in their communities. 

The ECC incorporates a broad range of views and takes a whole system approach, taking a wide definition of the energy system – including consumer interactions with  networks  and challenges outside of the regulated energy markets, in order to  advocate on behalf of Scottish energy consumers to address the key challenges and opportunities they face. 

The ECC aims to achieve: 

  • improved outcomes for consumers in Scotland, particularly those in  vulnerable circumstances
  • a clearer connection between the voices of consumers, and those that  represent them, with decision makers in Government and industry 
  • the adoption of principles of inclusivity and fairness as we move to a  decarbonised energy system 

The commission takes a multi-level approach. In addition to its work in improving consumer outcomes through engagement with grassroots organisations and directing advocacy spending, it is also a strategic leadership group within the Scottish Energy Advisory Board (SEAB). 


  • Lewis Shand Smith (Chair)
  • Kate Morrison, Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Lucy Gillie, South Seeds
  • Suzy Goodsir, Greener Kirkcaldy
  • Carol Masheter, Soirbheas
  • Dan van der Horst, University of Edinburgh
  • Frazer Scott, Energy Action Scotland
  • Robert Leslie, Thaw Orkney


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