Coronavirus (COVID-19): Mental Health Research Advisory Group


This group is no longer active.


This group was set up in April 2020 to help gather emerging evidence around the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and wellbeing. It ran for two years and concluded its work in November 2022. 

The mental health impacts are an important part of the public health challenge posed by COVID-19. We know from the emerging evidence that there is an urgent need for interventions to support people’s mental health and evidence based approaches to adapting existing interventions. 

The primary purpose of the Mental Health Research Advisory Group is knowledge exchange to inform the development of the Scottish Government’s Mental Health policy response to COVID-19. This will be achieved by bringing together policy officers with relevant researchers, scientists and other stakeholders, to share their expertise on the mental health effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on people in Scotland. 

The group will meet virtually every six weeks and meeting minutes will be published on this page. 


  • Andrew Gumley, Chair, Director of NRS Mental Health Network, Professor Glasgow University
  • Alan McNair, SG, Chief Scientist Office
  • Alix Rosenberg, SG, Health and Social Care Analysis
  • Anne Armstrong, SG, Mental Health Nursing Advisor
  • Dr John Mitchell, SG, Principal Medical Officer MH Directorate
  • Emma Hogg, Public Health Scotland
  • Innes Fyfe, SG, Directorate for Mental Health
  • Jessica Galway, SG, Directorate for Mental Health 
  • Lee Knifton, Mental Health Foundation
  • Lucy Mulveagh, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland
  • Neil Quinn, University of Strathclyde 
  • Professor Steve Platt, National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group, Academic Advisory Group 
  • Professor Rory O’Connor, National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group, Academic Advisory Group 
  • Sarah Martin, SG, Directorate for Mental Health 
  • Stephen Mcleod, SG, Directorate for Mental Health
  • Dr. Daniel Kopasker, University of Aberdeen
  • Gordon Johnston, Voices of Experience (VoX)
  • Karen Martin, Carers Trust 
  • Professor Matthias Schwannauer, University of Edinburgh  


Coronavirus (COVID-19): Mental Health Research Advisory Group - terms of reference

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