Office of the Chief Executive NHS Scotland

What we do

We provide support to Paul Gray, Director General Health and Social Care and Chief Executive NHS Scotland. Colin Brown is Head of the Office of the Chief Executive NHS Scotland and we are split into two teams: Corporate Business Management and Corporate Communications.

Corporate Business Management Team is responsible for:

  • support and development of NHS Board Non‑Executives and the policy relating to health board membership in liaison with health public appointments team
  • NHS Board governance and accountability policy
  • secretariat for the NHS boards chief executives business meetings with the DG Health and Social Care/Chief Executive NHS Scotland and the NHS boards chairs meetings with the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport
  • secretariat for Health and Social Care Management Board (HSCMB) and Assurance Board (HSCAB) meetings

Corporate Communications Team is responsible for:

  • support to the DG and Chief Executive NHSScotland in his communication with staff and the service
  • liaison and co-ordination of communication activity with NHS Boards
  • chair and secretariat for meetings of NHS Board Directors and Heads of Communications
  • NHS Scotland Annual Event planning and delivery
  • recognition events and award schemes, including the Annual Scottish Health Awards
  • Secretariat for NHS Event Board and Steering Group
  • developing and promoting the use of digital communications in NHS Scotland
  • NHS Scotland brand management


Who we are

Cabinet Secretary and Ministers