Office of the Chief Executive NHS Scotland

What we do

Robert Kirkwood  is Head of the Office of the Chief Executive NHS Scotland and we are split into two teams: Corporate Business Management and Corporate Communications.

Corporate Business Management Team is responsible for:

  • the support and development of NHS Board Non‑Executives and the policy relating to health board membership in liaison with Health Public Appointments Team
  • NHS Board governance and accountability policy
  • secretariat for the NHS Boards Chief Executives business meetings with the DG Health and Social Care/Chief Executive NHS Scotland and the NHS Boards Chairs meetings with the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport
  • secretariat for Health and Social Care Management Board (HSCMB) and Health and Social Care Assurance Board (HSCAB) meetings

Corporate Communications Team is responsible for:

  • Support to the DG and Chief Executive NHS Scotland in their communication with staff and the service
  • Liaison and co-ordination of communication activity with NHS Boards
  • Chair and secretariat for meetings of NHS Board Directors and Heads of Communications
  • NHS Scotland Annual Event planning and delivery
  • Secretariat for NHS Event Board and Steering Group
  • Recognition events and award schemes, including the Annual Scottish Health Awards
  • Leads on NHS Scotland social media and digital communications, including for the Chief Executive
  • Provides communications advice, guidance and support to health and social care policy teams
  • Internal communications across the Health and Social Care Directors, to include management of the Team Site and an all‑staff Health and Social Care Newsletter
  • Leads on the development, management and governance of revised NHS Scotland brand guidelines
  • Management and implementation of NHS Scotland collaborative communications campaigns.

Who we are

Cabinet Secretary and Ministers