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The Scottish Government's Environmental Policy

The Scottish Government has a longstanding commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

We do this through effective sustainable management of our operations and estate and by engaging with all staff to embed the principles of sustainable development into our day-to-day working practices.

Our actions are directly contributing towards delivery of the Scottish Government's National Outcomes:

  • We value and enjoy our built and natural environment and protect it and enhance it for future generations.
  • We reduce the local and global environmental impact of our consumption and production.
  • We live in well-designed, sustainable places where we are able to access the amenities and services we need.
  • Our public services are high quality, continually improving, efficient and responsive to local people's needs.

We have corporate environmental management objectives to help us contribute towards these National Outcomes:

  • We make efficient use of space in order to deliver Ministers' objectives;
  • We use energy efficiently to minimise greenhouse gas emissions;
  • We conserve water by efficient use and detecting and preventing leaks;
  • We reduce the need to travel and increase the uptake of sustainable travel options where travel is unavoidable;
  • We minimise waste by smarter procurement and will reuse, recycle and recover resources wherever possible instead of treating them as waste;
  • We prevent pollution by avoiding unnecessary use of hazardous substances and, where their use is essential, we shall effectively manage processes, activities and disposal;
  • We purchase products and services that have the lowest environmental impact;
  • We protect and enhance biodiversity on our estate;
  • We educate our people and contractors in complying with all relevant environmental and related legislative requirements; and
  • We make environmental data and information openly accessible to employees and the public.

To help us make progress against these objectives, and deliver our targets, we will continue to implement our Carbon Management Plan. This plan is helping us change our ways of working and realise the benefits of lower operational impacts and costs. We monitor, review and publish information in respect of our environmental performance and in doing so ensure that our targets remain appropriate and challenging.

Sir Peter Housden, Permanent Secretary
April 2014