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Targets iconData does not mean very much on its own but once it is used to produce information it can help create and foster knowledge. The Scottish Government is keen to use the wealth of environmental and, in the near future, sustainability data, that it collects to inform initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its own estate - one of the National Outcomes.

The introduction of Automatic Meter Reading which provides utilities consumption readings every 30 minutes will allow patterns of use to be identified on an individual building basis. This will enable the Scottish Government to monitor performance and target reductions in consumption. This approach is part of an overarching Environmental Performance Improvement Programme designed to help the Scottish Government achieve its targets.

See Scottish Government Energy Consumption at a Glance

Access infographics illustrating the energy consumption of the Scottish Government estate:


Although the Scottish Government estate comprises more than 70 sites/buildings, over 90% of the energy used is accounted for by just 14 of them. Use this link to select a building, fuel type (electricity or gas or both) and date from the menus provided to display that day's energy use.


Use this link to select a building, fuel type and time period from the menus provided to display a weekly profile of energy use.

GOLSPIE DATA COMPARISONEnergy Consumption Comparison

Use this link to select a set of buildings, fuel type and time period from the menus provided to compare the consumption of a particular fuel at different buildingsover the same time period.


Further Information

The data on utilities use in Scottish Government buildings is Crown Copyright and has been released as Open Data under the Open Government Licence. This means that you are free to copy, publish and re-use this information with very minimal restrictions.

By providing the raw data, as well as graphs and reports, it is possible for anyone to analyse the data themselves and use the information as they wish.

Following the recommendations of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the data is presented as '5-star Linked Data'. This means that the data is:

  • Available on the web under an open licence
  • Available in machine readable formats
  • Available in non-proprietary formats
  • Uses open standards from W3C: RDF and SPARQL
  • Links to other people's data to provide context

The data is available to browse around and query at the Golspie Linked Data site. This site is aimed primarily at data analysts and developers who want to work with the data in detail. Detailed technical instructions on how to access and work with the raw data is available at the API documentation page.