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Scottish Procurement Open Contracting Strategy

Scottish Procurement Open Contracting Strategy

Thursday, September 7, 2017

ISBN: 9781788512046

This strategy, once implemented, will enable us to publish regular information in relation to our procurement exercises, ensuring greater transparency on how the Scottish Government spends public money. By 2019, we will publish more information in an open format in one central place. This will include the invitation to tender documents and other relevant contract documentation.

Executive Summary

The Scottish Government recognises and values the importance of the open

government principles of openness, transparency and citizen participation, and has

been an active participant in the open government community. As a result, Scotland

has been chosen to be part of the Open Government Partnership pioneer

programme. The commitments published in our resulting action plan will help us to

meet the First Minister’s aim to be the “the most open and accessible government

that Scotland has had”.

A key component of Open Government is greater transparency around public

spending to ensure that the people of Scotland have a better understanding about

how government works. As part of our action plan, we committed to developing an

Open Contracting Strategy and publishing procurement information in accordance

with international standards. This strategy will result in procurement information

being proactively provided in a coherent, consistent form that is easy to understand

for communities, the third sector and citizens.