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Community Eyecare Services Review

Community Eyecare Services Review

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ISBN: 9781786529091

The Review considers and evaluates community eyecare services across Scotland. This report looks at how services are currently delivered and recommends actions which will lead to improvements to meet the individual needs of patients.

Executive Summary

The Community Eyecare Review, commissioned by Health Secretary Shona Robison last year, has published today. Chaired by Hamish Wilson, the review looks at care provided by community optometrists and how this can be developed and enhanced.

The review comes a decade after the introduction of free eye examinations and recommends schemes to reduce geographical differences in services.  It also advises more tailored arrangements for patients with specific complex needs to support care closer to home.

It suggests some eye services traditionally offered in hospitals, like post-cataract surgery appointments and managing stable glaucoma patients, should be made available locally. This is already happening in some parts of Scotland.

Other recommendations include:

Localised campaigns to promote the importance of eye tests, particularly among communities where attendance is lowest.

The creation of a national list of optometrists and dispensing opticians - improving service planning and reducing duplication.

Better monitoring and coordination of optometry in care homes.

More extensive provision of aids to help people with low vision.