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The Veterans Community - Employability, Skills and Learning

The Veterans Community - Employability, Skills and Learning

Thursday, November 3, 2016

ISBN: 9781786525857

This is the third report produced by the Scottish Veterans Commissioner and offers independent and impartial advice to Scottish Ministers on improving employment and learning opportunities for the veterans community in Scotland.

Executive Summary

The Scottish Veterans Commissioner was appointed by Scottish Ministers to provide them with impartial advice on the support provided to veterans and their families in Scotland. The Commissioner is operationally independent of the Scottish Government.

His latest report, “The Veterans Community – Employability, Skills & Learning”, covers core subjects such as securing employment, qualifications and skills and further and higher education, in terms of how these areas affect the veterans community in Scotland.

Through this report, the Commissioner considers how a changing military workforce in Scotland will impact on the next generation of veterans, as well as the need for strategic leadership and governance that can deliver meaningful change and sustained improvement for Scotland’s veterans community in the future.