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SCORE Annual Summary Report 2014-15

SCORE Annual Summary Report 2014-15

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ISBN: 9781785445019

SCORE is a collection of information from Registered Social Landlords about the new lets they make in a given year.

Executive Summary

The publication includes information on: the demographic characteristics of RSL tenants; the pathway by which a household has become a RSL tenant; the financial profile of tenant households; the type and condition of the property being let and the financial aspects of the let being made including rent and affordability.


Please note that errors in the 2014/15 income figures in this publication were corrected on 1st July 2015. Scottish average weekly household income figures were corrected from £241.39 to £236.32, with errors occurring in the North Ayrshire and Glasgow figures. All text, charts and tables affected by this error have now been corrected including: Chart 14 (for North Ayrshire and Glasgow City), Chart 15 (for 2 adult and 2 adult & child/ren households) and Chart 16 (households working full-time).