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The Scottish Child Health Programme: Guidance on the 27-30 month child health review

The Scottish Child Health Programme: Guidance on the 27-30 month child health review

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ISBN: 9781782562689

Guidance on the core issues which should be addressed and recorded at the 27-30 month review, and standardised methods of assessment to ensure consistency of practice across Scotland.

Executive Summary

The 27-30 month review should be offered to all children, regardless of their circumstances. Achieving high uptake of the review can be challenging but is cricially important to ensuring the review makes the greatest possible contribution to improving children's outcomes and reducing inequalities. The review should be face-to-face with the child present. Provision of the review should be in line with asset-based approaches to health promotion.

The overall priorities of the review should be the promotion of strong early child development (particularly social/emotional and language/cognitive development) within a context of helpful parenting and wider family wellbeing, and the promotion of child healthy weight. The guidance provides the core issues that should be considered for all children attending 27-30 month reviews.

The Getting it Right for Every Child approach provides an overall framework for the 27-30 month review.

Information is provided on current health promotion resources that can be used to facilitate discussions with families, and relevant evidence summaries that support professional practice.

A national minimum dataset that should be returned on all completed reviews is provided. The resulting data will allow robust monitoring of delivery of the 27-30 month review and of young children's health and development.

It is expected that all NHS Boards will provide reviews in line with this guidance, and will return the national dataset on completed reivews, from April 2013.